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Recent Blue Posts 25 mins ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: no darkshore warfront quest! My wife and I both did the warfront this morning before server reset and none of us had the quest for a item waiting. Reply With Quote. You have to do the elune night warrior quest to unlock the quest for a piece of loot. We did, however we did the warfront first. Yeah then it might have screwed you out of it registering you as having completed the warfront.

Write a ticket and hope for the best is all I can really say. I did the warfront first then i did the quest chain and I got the quest for the warfront, I did all after the reset this morning. Have you tryed to do the quest chain on a alt and see if that opens it up. Originally Posted by Flamez2.

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It's ridiculous that the order wasn't made clear. There was no prerequisite quest for the arathi warfront.

Warfront- Battle for Darkshore Guide

All times are GMT. The time now is PM. Social Media. Services My Account. Resources Terms of Service.I did the warfront anyway, got no loot. Everyone else had a quest to turn in. I had no quest to pick up to begin with. The quest is for the 1st time only. The Battle for Stormgarde heroic.

You are supposed to be awarded a piece of ilvl gear from doing it. Everyone else turned in their quests and got a piece of gear. Idk, when I went to the war table to sign up for it a couple days ago, it was still giving out ilvl gear so I passed on it. I had both quests available, normal and heroic. You can verify your eligibility by asking someone with the quest to share it with you and see what the response is able to share, already completed, or ineligible for the quest.

The ones that have you talk to a few NPCs in and take a small tour of Arathi?

darkshore warfront

I can confirm this, I literally hit on an ally alt, and then the heroic quest was avaialble to me without advancing at all in the war campaign. On the other hand, my main horde mage who has literally done all the quests available generally speaking does not have access to the quest.

darkshore warfront

Did you ever get your loot? I just submitted a ticket but apparently the issue has already been resolved…clearly not. No quest for heroic warfront Community.

Battle for Darkshore

General Discussion. Gradnet-uldum 19 July 1. Msinformed-area 19 July 3. Just the one, every time it comes up. If that was your 1st time, then you need to put in a ticket and ask for credit. Gradnet-uldum 19 July 4. Msinformed-area 19 July 5. I might be misunderstanding here. Gradnet-uldum 19 July 6. Msinformed-area 19 July 7. Jheric-silver-hand Jheric 19 July 8. Gradnet-uldum 19 July 9. My guild mates recieved ilvl gear from it as well as everyone else in the raid.Alliance victory [1] [2].

The Battle for Darkshore is the second warfront in Battle for Azeroth where the Forsaken and the night elves struggle for control of a staging area near the former night elven capital region of Teldrassil.

It will also come with an updated outdoor Darkshore region. Alliance and Horde players will have an introductory scenario, going over the events leading up to the warfront in Darkshore. The Warfront feature is active for Alliance players immediately and starts the countdown clock for Horde players who wish to access Darkshore.

This stage will last for 7 days. The Horde starts off controlling Darkshore. During this stage, Horde players will be able to teleport to Darkshore, where there will be some things to do:. Neither team is able to access the Warfront feature at this time. Now, The Alliance will be able to teleport to Darkshore at any point as they maintain control. There will be some things to do:.

darkshore warfront

Similar to stage one, Horde players will be able to access Warfronts and the countdown clock for Alliance control of Arathi starts. This phase will also last for 7 days. The content that Alliance players have will not change. They are still able to teleport to the zone, complete quests and kill the World Boss Ivus the Corrupted for loot.

Just like the second stage, neither team is able to access the Warfront feature at this time. Now, Horde will once again be able to teleport to Darkshore at any point as they maintain control. There will again be some things to do:.

Please add any available information to this section. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. This article is about the Warfront.

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For the overworld zone, see Darkshore. Battle for Darkshore. Battle for Stromgarde. Maiev, you will command our forces. Conflicts starting since Deathwing's Cataclysm. Scourge Invasion. Previous Wars category Battles category Next. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 17 Marchat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc.

About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view.These NPCs have a short respawn time, however you can only loot them once per Warfront cycle your faction will have to lose control of the zone and then regain it before you are able to loot the NPCs again. Want to learn more about this Warfront? Then check Blizzard's official overview of the Battle for Darkshore. The Frightened Kodo has multiple spawn points.

Once you find the Frightened Kodo just click on it and you'll get the mount in your bags. Similar to the Arathi Highlands Goliaths, the following NPCs don't drop any mounts, pets or toys, however there is a chance you can get Warfront Armor from them. If you want to preview all the Warfront Armor Sets then you can check this guide.

Completing a full set is required for the Tall, Dark, and Sinister achievement. If you already have HandyNotesthen you can get the Handynotes - Warfront Rares addon that will display the elites and their loot on the map and minimap.

Once you have killed the rares, they will disappear from the map until your faction gains control of the zone again.Can anybody explain to me what Darkshore or this warfront stuff is? No that is it. Come back next month when Darkshore event open again for the Rare quest for the war resource reward!

What you are talking about is the patrol phase. The warfront phase is when you queue for the warfront, making sure you pick up the quest! Ah, I see like my newly hunteryou have taken advantage and gained some of the Kardorie SP gear. So it seems you already know. Wow, you got MANY pieces, she only gained two from the patrol phase only one as a drop from a dude, then one from a darkshore cache.

There are no Warfronts available for the Alliance at this time. It cycles from a Patrol Phase the one you did to an Attacking Phase, where you queue up with 19 other people and complete objectives. If you click on the table near the Darkshore portal, it should tell you how much time is left in the current phase. General Discussion. Eyeskream-emerald-dream 23 June 1. Kamiski-sargeras Kamiski 23 June 2. Wariya-dalaran Wariya 23 June 3. Elanthos-saurfang 23 June 4.

Eyeskream-emerald-dream 23 June 5.

Darkshore Rares, Locations, and Farming Guide – Alliance

Ollicron-moon-guard 23 June 6. Mysfyre-norgannon Mysfyre 23 June 7. Why yes, yes I am. Kypookins-baelgun Kypookins 23 June 8. Tarc-fenris Tarc 23 June 9. Eyeskream-emerald-dream 23 June Not sure how to participate in warfronts? Troodrood-zuljin Troodrood 23 June Sorelai-wyrmrest-accord Sorelai 23 June Tarc-fenris Tarc 23 June The new Darkshore warfront event not only brings with it, daily world quests, it also contains event locked rares.

We can continue to kill these rares as much as we like during the event, but we are only able to gain the rewards once per participation, meaning once per event cycle. The daily quests still renew every day for the events duration, but the rares themselves will not reset their loot drops until the start of the next warfront event.

The locations for some of the rares are different for the Horde, or are replaced entirely with Horde specific rares. For this reason, we have compiled a map showcasing the location of every Alliance based rare for your convenience.

Night Warrior Music Patch - 8.1 Tides of Vegeance Music

Fear not though, for both the Horde and the Alliance have an equal number of Pet, Toy and Mount rewards. You may have noticed the different colored rings. Aside from Azerite Shards and general loot, each color indicates the location of a rare, and the items that drop. For more information on where to target farm the different types of rewards, please read our following articles:.

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